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The requirements of modern sport has long ago determined high-quality standard of a sport complex or a stadium. Special sports floorings, equipment, leisure and rehabilitation infrastructure became key factors of successful sports constructions in 21 century.
Today we may confidently maintain that synthetic sports floorings take a special position in the history of development of modern sport. To a greater or lesser extent they are being used in football, track-and-field, tennis and many other sports. This is, primarily, an evidence of high quality of the materials, which are used for construction of multi-purpose and stable in terms of sports characteristics and performances fields and courts.     
Company Infosport-Arena gives a unique opportunity to enter World of Sport by offering complex services in construction of new and reconstruction of existing sports objects as in accordance with international standards. We are ready and in position to satisfy needs and requests of various customer categories - from professional players to amateurs. It allows us to always keep the hand on pulse of all the latest tendencies and changes and to offer You the best and the newest.
Individual approach, strict following of construction and sport regulations, accurate selecting of sports materials and equipment are the key maxims our company specialists work on. 
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